Luxury holiday’s and expensive vacancies with escort London

Escort London to Bahamas

As a regular London escorts client I was struck by a deep feeling of inspiration when the Covid pandemic came. My boss sent us all to work from home and we also had two weeks off vacation time during which the board of directors would decide the right course of action for our company. The first idea that came to mind was to get Miraslava with me on a two week vacation to the Bahamas. She was the best escort London could provide – tall, redhaired and smart. She was something like a girlfriend to me but of course I was her sugar daddy. escort london

Our relationship was not so formal or official but she was my sweetheart and I was her man of honour. We met at a bar in the City very randomly 2 years ago and our first few dates were just casual. She then confessed that her job is a companion so if we wanted to continue I had to subsidise her in a way. Of course I agreed, if I wanted her to be mine and if she had to feel good, paying bills and living normally then there was no issue in me paying her. Anyway, I called her and made her an offer for the vacation. She couldn’t believe it, she was so happy. I bought two tickets and off we go to this beautiful tiny Island.

Miami first

As most of you probably know the Bahamas is a small island close to Florida in the states. Most flight companies offer flights to Miami and then transfer to the island. Some people prefer to take a ferry just for the trill of traveling by boat and being able to slowly immerse in the beauty of the surrounding areas. We flew to Miami and had planned a few day stay there so that we can rest and I personally enjoy the best escort London has ever had – Mira.

I booked a large apartment in the Marriott Stanton South Beach, a beautiful hotel at the very south of the popular Miami Beach. Mira was wonderstruck, she had never been to Florida before and the luxury she was experienced only happened in her dreams so far. We were drinking margaritas, having the best and most delicious sea food and dancing half naked on the beach day and night. I could see she was falling in love which was a little surprising given that she always kept some sort of distance before that. I guess the experience just removed a lot of her barriers. I’ve tried many escorts in London but this was my pearl. After a few days in Miami it was time we set off for the most picturesque island in the world.

The Bahamas and my first escort london experience

We chose to travel by ferry, it was just two three hours journey, the weather was great so we packed our luggage and took a cab to the port. We arrived by 7pm and took another cab to our overwater bungalow near Staniard Creek. We also decided to have a servant for our stay who was responsible for driving, cooking and cleaning. Our first night we had the best seafood that the area had to offer and local drinks like Rum Punch.

We also went to a local dance club and spent four hours in a different dimension. You can’t have that experience with the escorts in London because it’s just a different atmosphere. The sun, the people and the beauty of Mira all conspired for the realization of experience that I have never seen in my life. Why don’t you try it yourself?